Children's electric toothbrush-C5
Mini appearance, stronger performance
Small size is more suitable for babies

Meng pet struck baby's little tooth hero

Your baby always feels wrongs when brushing teeth,As if being abandoned by the whole world.Until this electric toothbrush for children appears, It makes tooth brushing so easy and happy.

With the high-gloss technology,the shell is sprayed with high-gloss UV coating.it’s bright and beautiful and feels fine and smooth,so babies love it very much.

Soft:Extremely mild mode for sensitive teeth and gums

Normal:Effectively removing the dental plaque

Massage:2-minute massage mode can consolidate and polish teeth

Mini appearance, stronger performance,Small size is more suitable for babies

The brush head adopts the US DuPont diamond bristle with a diameter of 0.102mm treated with soft and fine grinding,so as to protect babies’ teeth

Its backside is made of food grade silicone to brush the coated tongue

USB magnetic charging base, a new generation of high-current charging technology 3-4 hours of charging, ultra-long standby time

2 minutes a day keeps your oral cavity healthy, so that you wake up in the morning with fresh breath

Clean your oral cavity in 4 zones evenly with an intelligent reminder;remind to change a zone every 30 seconds within scientific and reasonable 2 minutes, to ensure completely cleaning

One-button operation is easy to learn, and mom feels at ease

IPX7 waterproof no fear of washing

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