H8 sonic electric toothbrush
the technique of gradual change personalized design

product technology:intelligent sonic toothbrush
charging approach:magnetic charging
brushing pattern:a 5- layer brushing pattern
battery capacity:1600mAh
use time: over 90 days
anti-water grade:IPX7

Flowing light with overwhelming color,everywhere is shining

the whole device dimension is 26.5*26.5*248mm,human-friendly design ,provide the unique brushing feeling for you to protect your teeth by a key

it has soft, standard, massage, skin whitening, protecting teeth pattern and ergonomics gold scale.the brush handle can clean the further oral blind area efficiently

American DuPont Diamond bristle,bristle has square circle design and high- density bristle implantation,which can brush more clean

it is fitted for people to use for long time,a 90-day-long trip solve the repeated charging problems intelligently

brushing teeth for 30 seconds will pause to remind us to change the pattern,brushing teeth for 2 minutes will stop to remind us over

the whole device is IPX7 anti-water safe and convenient, It all can be washed

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