About us


Established in September 2010, Shenzhen Huiyingda Technology Co.,ltd. Our company is committed to the independent research and development, production and sales of intelligent hardware. It includes smart bracelet, sweeping robot, air purifier and electric toothbrush  processing.

Since 2017, Our company has officially shifted product focus to the oral care product, such as electric toothbrush.

The domestic marketing center is located Shenzhen, responsible for the operation and product sales of Rooman. 

The factory is located Dongguan,has an industrial park of 35,000 square meters. As the product research and development center, the integration production base, more than 500 automatic generation processing equipment, has a mature parts and components professional supporting departments, from mold, injection, milling screen printing, weaving brush, processing and testing to complete a dragon development production process, equipped with a number of dust free, automated advanced processing lines.