Black technology electric  toothbrush
F6 infinitely variable speed sonic electric toothbrush

F6 infinitely variable speed sonic electric toothbrush

Shaking rate 31000time/minute;magnetic charging quicker and handier;Intelligent pattern infinitely variable speed;American DuPont Diamond bristle

a 70-day-long trip;IPX7living anti-water;super sound-off envionmental design

It is divided into 12 grades from 240Hz to 250Hz.Aomed for different teeth sensitivity and oral problens,we can adjust to the best intensity

F6 sonicelectric toothbrush pauses every 30 seconds to remind us change the pattern to clean.We brush teeth for 2 minutes two times a day,which can protect the oral cavity and keep clean.

American DuPont Diamond bristle know more about cleanness,The rounding rate of cutting edge is over 99.8% and is 1.5 times as high as the standard one

Bristle applies advanced hot melt bristle implantation technology preventing or dinary bristle’s metal sheet from oxidizing, rusting and release of the harmless gas and avoiding the dirt

In order not to bristle crash the main engine in the process of high-frequency shake,there is the certain gap between bristle handle,making the motor release enough and strong energy

The bristle is enough small to enter the inner  oral cavity deeply.Ita can cover the small teeth and flexibly clean the oral blind area.

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