Rooman | F8 differentiated strategy to leverage the economy of beauty!

Fitness to remove oil, medical beauty to remove wrinkles, heavy money for hair transplant... Along with the anxiety of young people, the beauty economy has entered the 4.0 era, gradually opening up a new wealth code in the consumer market.


People with good looks are focusing on cosmetics, medical beauty, personal care, clothing accessories, etc. Therefore, the electric toothbrush market has once again ushered in a wave of face value dividends. In order to comply with the economic trend of beauty, we have launched a new product Rooman | Ruimai F8 sonic electric toothbrush, a beauty-level personal care tool.


Differentiation captures the minds of users

We are one of the first domestic companies to set foot in the field of electric toothbrushes. After years of market precipitation, we have gradually expanded our product line and explored an electric toothbrush, tooth cleaner, sterilization box, portable travel box, portable stand, etc. The industry chain of health personal care products supplemented by accessories.





When everyone is still in the education stage of the electric toothbrush market, we have already begun to upgrade the product beauty. Take the new product F8 as an example. Through innovative research and development, it focuses on differentiated visual design. Once it was launched, it has won the favor of many consumers, leaving everyone with the impression of "exquisite, luxurious, beautiful and fashionable like a big-name beauty."


It is precisely because of F8's differentiated product design that it can firmly occupy the minds of consumers among homogenized products, successfully out of the circle, and is regarded as a personal care tool at the beauty level.

Differentiated leveraging aesthetics between teeth

We have defined F8 as a beauty product from the beginning. We hope that everyone will pay attention to the healthy beauty of the oral cavity and help young people get better interdental beauty.


Therefore, at the beginning of research and development, we united with a well-known design team to start from the appearance, packaging to functional details, and so on, and strive to bring a new visual experience and user experience to the public.



The brush head of F8 adopts a slim swan neck design and double-sided injection molding process, which is light and flexible. The elegant curve design continues from the brush head to the body, with smooth and natural lines.


In terms of fuselage decoration, we boldly adopt large-area decorative pieces and make them into a drop shape that echoes the shape of the fuselage. You should know that in the electric toothbrush market where cost is considered everywhere, minimalist style design is basically promoted, and few brands are willing to spend time and cost to consider appearance decoration design.


F8's large-area water drop decorative sheet has a styling effect, a combination of light luxury and fashion. It has the temperament style of a big brand, which instantly widens the difference in appearance from ordinary electric toothbrushes.

Differentiated and innovative male brush female brush

From the color matching, we can find that we deliberately created two different styles of electric toothbrush tones to cater to the different fashion preferences of men and women, because in the pursuit of beauty, men have gradually occupied a place.


There are two colors of F8. One is a feminine mint green color. For the first time, we use the terrazzo spray sprinkling process to make the electric toothbrush have both high-end texture and comfortable feel. It can be well matched with the modern technological sense of the bathroom environment to create Fashionable and luxurious artistic atmosphere.


The other is a masculine, technological, and futuristic mermaid color scheme. The vacuum plating process is used to enhance the product texture, plus visual smart buttons and unique section design to create a diamond-like light and shadow effect.


Differentiate to create a comfortable experience

We have wrapped soft glue on the back of the brush head to clean the tongue coating. The handle of the fuselage has been cut surface treatment to prevent rolling and falling, which can be seen from the care.


Secondly, taking into account the usage habits of Asian users, we have carried out several experimental adjustments to the size of the F8's body, and finally adopted an ergonomic size, customized the hand-held comfort zone, brushing your teeth, and easy to hold.


Finally, we sprayed the handle of the brush with hand-feel paint, using multiple coating processes to make the hand feel fuller and richer, with outstanding texture and more beautiful appearance.


The value of beauty is justice, and the value of beauty is business. It is no longer the patent of cosmetics and medical beauty to make young people beautiful. More and more refined industries are sprouting. Driven by the new economy and new market, we will also continue to develop more health care products with more high-value features.

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