Domestic product black technology, Rooman-F6 electric toothbrush 12-speed stepless frequency conversion!

Now the quality of domestic products is getting better and better, and more people like it. To this end, we also launched a flagship machine, the light of domestic products: F6 sonic electric toothbrush.



This is a sonic electric toothbrush full of black technology!

This is a sonic electric toothbrush full of black technology!

This is a sonic electric toothbrush full of black technology!

The important thing is said three times! From appearance design, function research and development to production and shipment, we have gone through a two-year research and development process and finally presented such a top ten all-round black technology electric toothbrush!


Appearance black technology:

F6 adopts a minimalist appearance style, the handle adopts pearl oil inkjet technology, and the pure metal ring material is used between the brush head and the handle, which makes the product form a whole with more texture. After a large amount of data support, the designers of Ruimai took into account the size of Asian palms, and made the F6 a slim waist design, which is more comfortable in the hand.


Hair planting black technology:

F6 adopts the industry's top hot-melt flocking technology. Due to the high cost and complicated technical difficulties, many domestic manufacturers have not adopted it. The advantage is that it makes the bristles denser, the amount of bristles is increased by about 50%, and the contact surface with the teeth is greatly increased, the brush is cleaner and the service life is longer; another advantage is that it does not contain copper flakes, which eliminates ordinary brush heads. Oxidation and rusting of the inner metal sheet, no harmful gas release, avoiding the accumulation of dirt and dirt.


Shift black technology:

During tooth brushing, F6 can adjust the appropriate gear according to the tooth brushing area at any time to meet the demand for strength in different areas of the mouth, so as to avoid the stimulation of sensitive parts of the mouth (ulcers, tooth decay, gingivitis, etc.). Unlike ordinary electric toothbrushes, you can only use one force to brush to the end.

Vibration frequency black technology:

The vibration frequency of F6, from 240HZ to 350HZ, is broken down into 12 grades, according to different tooth sensitivity and oral problems, you can adjust the most comfortable strength at will. To avoid problems such as insufficient low gear strength, dirty brushing, excessive high gear strength, and tooth sensitivity that appear on general electric toothbrushes, there is always a gear that suits you.

F6 adopts a new generation of magnetic fast charging technology, equipped with a base that supports high-current charging, which can be fully charged in 2-3 hours. Compared with other products, the charging efficiency is increased by 3-5 times, which saves your precious time.

Battery life black technology:

F6 has a built-in 1500mAh lithium battery, which can be fully charged once and lasts for 60 days. For business travelers, it is more convenient to use.

Motor Black Technology:

F6 uses a magnetic levitation sonic motor, which has strong stability and relatively large output power. The higher the sound wave frequency, the higher the relative technical difficulty of the motor.

Such a black-tech electric toothbrush that combines beauty and wisdom is our sincere work for everyone!

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